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Congress objection to Vikas Koirala’s tea party in Chitwan

Rajeshwar Khanal, President of Nepali Congress Chitwan.

15, October, Chitwan. The Chitwan district committee has raised objections after Nepali Congress Chitwan former chairman Bikas Koirala announced that a tea ceremony will be held tomorrow.

After former party president Koirala, who had been living abroad for a long time, was scheduled to hold a tea ceremony in the auditorium of Udyog Banijya Sangh Chitwan, district party president Rajeshwar Khanal issued a statement on Tuesday evening and instructed not to hold such a program. Chairman Khanal not only gave instructions, in the statement issued by him, the names of Vikas Koirala and Krishnalal Sapkota have also been removed from the list of former party presidents.

In the statement issued by Khanal, it has been mentioned that activities like the tea party program will have a negative impact on the party organization and the upcoming elections. A Congress leader said that Khanal became suspicious after Vikas decided to hold a tea party and share his views on some political issues. Koirala said that he had been living abroad for a long time and had come to Nepal during the festival, so he was going to meet relatives and well-wishers. “I am not going to take away his position, I am not going to create public opinion against him,” he said.

Chairman Khanal said that even if they tried to erase their contribution and history, it would not be possible. In the Constituent Assembly election of 2070, Koirala was against the then party president Sushil Koirala in the then Chitwan region no. Bagi became a candidate from 4.

Koirala was punished by the Congress after he filed a rebel nomination against the party president. Koirala claimed that the action taken by the party according to the statute has already been dismissed. “Even though I was punished by the Congress, I did not leave the party and did not do any anti-party activities, I am among the Congress,” said Koirala.

A district official informed that the names of Sapkota and Koirala have been removed from the list of former presidents due to the action taken by the district party president Khanal.

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